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Thoughts on the Samsung T5 SSD


I’ve been eyeing the Samsung T3, which in 2016 PCWorld called, “stupidly fast”, for a few months now and have wanted to pull the trigger. I hesitated because there have been persistent rumors that an upgraded version, the T5, would be coming out any day now.

Samsung isn’t as predictable as Apple, however, and the wait turned out to be a few more months than I expected. None-the-less, the T5 has now landed and just to show that there are only so many ways to heap praise on a portable hard drive, BGR calls “insanely fast”.

With a USB-C connector and speeds up to 540 MBps, the T5 promises to be the perfect sneaker-net device for transporting RAW files and 4K videos for editing back and forth between my iMac and MacBook Pro. Lord knows I’ve tried doing this with Apple iCloud and Dropbox, but let’s get real.

The 250GB and 500GB versions of the T5 come in snappy blue while the more useful 1TB and 2TB versions are only in black. At $800 I want the 2TB version but I'll be kicking myself if I end up losing it somewhere at the bottom of my bag. I've already lost two Apple pencils, so it might happen!